What’s in my Lootcrate?

I’ve had monthly subscription boxes in the past, but they never really were what I expted from them. I’ve been eyeing lootcrate for a while now and when I saw their theme this month was music. The crate was about €32 shipping included, which is a steel since shipping alone from the US usually is around € 14 to € 20! The crate arrived in the second week of may which is fine I guess since I don’t live in the States I guess shipping takes a bit longer.IMAG0590

The box itself is also the shipping box, so this is how the delivery man handed it to me. When I opened it I was very excited about the inside. I think it’s a radio if you fold it inside out?

First item is the shirt. It’s really cute but not something I would buy myself. I said I wanted size L because I like my basic shirts over sized, but for an American L it’s really small. Will probably wear this sometime.

IMAG0594 IMAG0596

This probably the item I love the most! First I thought it was a towel but it’s a Hatsune Miku Blanket! It’s really big and I will use this around the house.


This is my second favorite item. I really needed some new earplug since mine are really crap. I don’t know the show but it looks nice. They’re shorter than my other earplug, but it works for now *EDIT* It’s broke on the first time using it! It still works, but this cord doesn’t retract anymore.

IMAG0600 IMAG0602

Here are all the other items I got. They’re cute and some I’ll never use, but they’re fun to have :p

IMAG0607 IMAG0604 IMAG0597

Overall I really like this box! It’s cheap, has great items and some nice exclusive ones as well. I will reorder for this month because I like the new theme as well and think I’ll get even more stuff I’d like.

You can order your first loot crate with a $5 discount if you order through this link!

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