We love Japan & Tsunacon (picture heavy)

Yes I was supposed to write about the Shibuya party first, but I’m still waiting on pictures and I have so many posts accumulating so guess it’ll have to wait. Last weekend I went to “We Love Japan”, a small event a few friends of mine host every year. It’s not as big as a regular anime convention, but I love the vibe and people.

Gio giving a lecture about traveling to Japan cheap
Gio giving a lecture about traveling to Japan cheap

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I went by myself but had no problem meeting people and talking to strangers. They had a small dealer room and Cherry Pie Maid Cafe was there with Miyako Studio, some great photographers. I helped them film some footage for the maid cafe and here is a small clip.

The maid lost a game of tic-tac-toe so she had to sing for me. She also sang for me when I was eating a delicious cherry pie (get it? =P). She was nervous at the beginning but it was really fun and we ended up singing Kiss the girl from Disney’s The little mermaid together.

Mandatory Selfie
Full outfit. I love my Happy Monday shirt

The rest of the day I just wandered around, ate a lot and made some new friends. I bought more than I expected from such a small event. I’m very happy with my Mario star accessories, I’ll be making a review about them very soon and plan to wear them to Dutch Comic con.

These where so delicous~
These where so delicous~
My loot of the day~
My loot of the day~

After the cosplay show there was supposed to be a disco, but one of the sound systems broke during the day so that wasn’t possible unfortunately. But, we did have a fun speed date session. We stayed and chat for a while after the event was done so it was a great day.


Next day was Tsunacon, a huge convention compared to We love Japan. But I really wasn’t feeling it this year. It was pretty boring, we we’re cramped behind a pillar and just sat behind our stand bitching and sipping champagne. It was Valentine’s day after all X’D Rox got me a cute pillow and candies, but I only posted them on snapchat so I don’t have a picture of it anymore. I did also get some random chocolates from other people and a rose from a friend.

IMAG0349 (1)
Our stand @ Tsunacon
I got a (plastic) rose

That’s all for Tsunacon, it really wasn’t interesting for me this year. Maybe next time when we don’t have to work and can walk around it will be more fun? I’m just excited for the next event Formula Cosplay.

Click for the site

It’s a new event also hosted by a dear friend of mine and has a unique program. It’s a mix of a cosplay completion with anime, k-pop and fashion. We’ll be vlogging next week so keep an eye out for it! And if you’re from the Netherlands please check out their site and maybe we’ll see you then ^^

Until next time!

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