My top 10 anime songs

I have so many drafts lying around but no time to finish and post them *frustrated* This list started of with just a top 5 of favorite openings, but then I added endings, movie themes and just soundtrack songs so it became a general top 10.

Junjou romantica –  Kimi=Hana by Pigstar
I first read the manga en saw the anime when I was in kind of a though spot in life love wise, and I can relate to so much of these stories you guys T_T. It actually bumped my all time yaoi favorite Gravitation of its pedestal after being number 1 for more than a decade, so that tells you something about how much I love these series.

Junjou Romantica – Kawaranai Sora by Luck Life
I don’t need to explain my love for Junjou Romantica more right? Love the visuals and this song

Death Parade – Flyers by BRADIO
Unexpected opening for such a gloomy anime but I love it sooo much. I perk up every time I hear this song. I really love the visuals too.

Naruto – Blue bird by Ikimono Gakari
I hate Naruto for real, but it wasn’t always like that! I actually watched it all the way episode 101 of Shippuden I believe, but got reaaaally tired of the fillers and the slow story. I did like a lot of the music but this opening is my favorite.

Slayers NEXT – Give a reason by Megumi Hayashibara
Yes oldskool right? I love Slayers so much. It was one of the first anime I saw in a magazine I bought and I believe I even had a poster. I didn’t watch it until two years ago, because back in the day we had to rely on stuff like Limewire that never worked so I could never finish one season.

Gravitation – (almost allthe songs)
Gravitation was one of the first yaoi I ever saw without realizing what it was. It took me a few minutes to figure out it was boyxboy but got over that very quickly and loved this series. The humor, characters and the songs drew me in! The lyrics are beautiful and the song are unique. I love all of Nittle Grasper songs and most of Bad luck’s too so it was really hard to choose. Super drive, Spicy marmalade, Sleeping beauty, Blind game, Shining collection, Glaring dream, so much to choose from! In the end I choose these because I listen to these up to this day and give me the best memories of these series.

Strike the blood – Strike the blood by Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets
Although hated by some, I kinda liked this anime. I only noticed the intro after 8 episodes but I really like it. Not much to say about it further, just enjoy~

Pokemon – ONE by Crystal Kay
Yes it’s from a movie (the 11th to be exact) but it’s so a beautiful song and it’s Crystal Kay! I liked most Pokemon songs when I still watched it when I was little. I remember really loving the theme song of the first movie, owning the English soundtrack and going to sleep with it XD. I little older I like the urban feel of this song.

This was really hard I have so much more songs I really like but I won’t bother you with those after this long list. Hope you enjoy and maybe find some new gems ^_^

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