Shibuya Party (pic heavy)

Yes finally! It took weeks but I decided to just put up the post without the photographer’s pictures. They will be available on the Hyper Event Team イベントチーム Facebook page later!

one of charlie’s cute doodles backstage


I was really looking forward to the party and after arriving late and setting up everything, the event started.
At first everyone was just chilling in the hallway for some reason, but after making selfies and make up adjustments, everyone came in for the first event. Rox and Charlie did Imke’s hair and showed off their sujimori skills.
After some other small events the GGA’s started which was fun to do and after some para para performances it was time to party!



The cocktail card Rox made! All drinks where gal related and all super good! My special drink was bubblegum vodka with sprite and edible gold. It tasted great and was sold out before the end of the night! Gotta make more next time!


The outfit~
The outfit~

I’m not writing a lot because no one’s here for the text right =P


It was so much fun and people are still talking about it, so I guess we did something right ^^ After Osharecon we will all be blogging a lot more and will have more time for all the smaller, but fun projects we had for the longest time. As some of you know, HYPER Gyaru-sa is no more, but we will be still hosting small events and activities on other conventions. Charlie made a good post about it if you want to check it out.

Thanks for reading, or more looking at the pictures, I’ll be back soon with more updates!

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