Animecon 2015 (picture heavy)

Last weekend I went to Animecon 2015! I was so excited since this was the first time I was going to a big anime event for 3 days in a row! I was helping out Rox with her shop and the HYPER fashion show and really had a blast!


I didn’t make pictures so most of these pics are stolen from the others 😛

Day one I wore my bow boobtop. I didn’t censor the boobs so you can see the full effect whaha! I got lots of hugs but now I think my top was the reason and not that people really liked me XD. It was pretty quiet and I just ran around and saw half a cosplay fashion show before heading back to the dealer room

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Day two was the longest and most fun day! We started around 10am at the dealerrroom and ended back at our sleeping addresses around 4am. I was mostly eating and spending my time in the dealerroom during the day and when it closed the real fun started! Rox and Charlie had a gyaru lecture and I just sat in and cracked some jokes and added some info while they gave people actual information. Afterwards we had a few drinks, more food and went to Deshima sounds, which is like a jstyle clubbing event. We had quite some drinks so things got a bit weird at the end 😛

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Day three was hard but still fun. We all had a hangover or lack off sleep at this point and we still had a long day to go. Rox and Charlie also had to host and walk the fashion show, I was lucky enough my job was to hold down the fort (rox stand at the dealerroom)




It was so much fun to hear all the people who got excited about gyaru fashion! I didn’t buy a lot because I feel a lot of stuff in those dealerroom are overpriced or just for real otaku. It was mostly figurines and plushies so I just bought a lot of food instead XD. The only thing I really wanted to buy I didn’t get because I was to greedy to spent the money on it.


Like I said we had lots of food. I had everything from fries to sushi and bento to crepes. Getting the crepes was horrible though! I had to wait for like and hour and in the end they still f**cked up my order! It was more a pancake with icecream and looked nothing like the cute display model they had!


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Next event will be Fanbase Project, but not the whole of HYPER will be there. I’m really looking forward to Abunai where we are finally going to cosplay and probably will have another fashion show!

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